Fall 2016

Here are the pictures and short descriptions of the caves we explored during the Fall 2016 semester!

Whirlpool | 09/17/2016

This cave took place on Sept. 17 in Austin, Texas and was a great way for new members to take the first step to being a caver! Photo credits to members Ryan and Britten, thanks guys!

Colorado Bend Service Project | 10/9 – 10/11/2016

From George Baldwin, who organized the trip:

“I’m really happy we had such a big turnout, and that we got to play a big role in the exploration of Colorado Bend State Park and its karst features. We made a really good impression with the crew there, and some of us learned how to use some cool mapping tools. Thanks to everybody who came for making this such an awesome weekend!”

Robber Barron | Date of Trip: Unknown, possibly early to mid October 2016

Powell’s Cave | Date of Trip: Unknown, possibly late October/early November, 2016

Deep Cave|Date of Trip: Unknown; possibly November 2016

This was a weekend trip and a grotto tradition! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to visit Carta Valley.