Important Info for Cavers

So, you want to go caving.

That’s great! This page lists standard items and information you need to bring/know for the trips we plan to take.

Always reference the Aggie Grotto Trip Packing Lists for things to bring for a caving trip.

And remember to read up on the NSS Guide for Responsible Caving so you know the DO’s and DON’Ts of caving

There is also a cave inventory form on this website that has a very extensive cave inventory list you might want to check out if you think you’ll be caving for a while!

IMPORTANT: If you have tested out on vertical please watch this video about proper rappelling; courtesy of Derek Bristol. For changing over, please visit this page. For crossing rebelays, please visit this page.

IMPORTANT: White Nose Syndrome is a deadly fungus that attacks bats while they’re hibernating. The fungus causes the bats to expend much needed energy while they’re sleeping and will lead to their death. WNS has been found in parts of Texas, so if you have caving gear that has been exposed to caves or regions that are WNS positive, please follow these decontamination protocols.

Motto of Responsible Cavers:
Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but time

Please, cave softly

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