Get to know your 2023-2024 officers a little more here! We have each of them listed with a few facts they’d like to share about themselves.

Jenna Crabtree


Class of 2023, Environmental Studies 

NSS #71683 , TCMA member, TSA member

I am currently the President of Aggie Speleological Society and Aggie Grotto affiliate, a Board of Director for Texas Cave Management Association, a student-worker with Texas A&M, serving in the United States Army Reserve as a Religious Affairs Specialist, and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a focus on Regulation and Compliance. After my expected graduation in May 2024, it is still unclear if I will pursue graduate school or enter the workforce, but I do know that I want my future career to be cave and karst affiliated. 

I was introduced to the idea of caving when I was 10 years old, visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park for the first time with my Dad and Nana. Since then, I have been perplexed by the underground world, which led me to join the Society/Grotto in the Fall of 2021. In two short years, I have visited over thirty different caves with over sixty cave trips ranging from recreational to scientific. In the past year, I have been honored to be a part of the First All Aggie Dig that took place in Whirlpool Cave and the First All Aggie Survey Team that worked in North Texas. As I continue to grow as a caver, I become increasingly interested in survey and expedition efforts. I look forward to attending the WKU Survey & Cartography class under Pat Kambesis in June and hopefully joining the ranks of PESH in 2024. 

I look forward to this year and my time as President of the ASS / Aggie Grotto. I hope to continue to fulfill my responsibilities as a master rigger, vertical trainer, and trip leader while expanding my leadership capabilities, member relations, and abilities as a caver. Caving safely, caving softly, and caving on are my biggest priorities while ensuring our members have plentiful opportunities to learn about all things cave and karst, network within the larger caving community, and grow as a person and leaders. 

Phone: (979) 777-5618 | Email:

Jakob Denton

Vice President

Class of 2024, Rangeland Wildlife & Fisheries Management

Howdy I’m Jakob. I’ve been caving for about 2 years now and was introduced to the sport through ASS! I’m from a super small Texas town called Nordheim that has the same number of caves as College Station (zero).

Phone: (361) 815-6400 | Email:

Will Flack


Class of 2022, Environmental Engineering and Wildlife & Fisheries Science 

NSS #72119, TCMA Member

Howdy! I’m Will! I was introduced to caving a year and a half ago through ASS. I’ve enjoyed every second due to the amazing places we go and see as well as the many wonderful people I’ve gotten to know during my time here! I’m dedicated to this Grotto because of all of what it has offered, and I want to give back as much as I can. I look forward to expanding my caving experience and to making even more memories with great people. T’s and G’s! 

hone: (281) 904-6707 | Email:

Izzy Petersen


Class of 2024

Howdy cavers! My name is Izzy Petersen and this is my second year as A.S.S. Treasurer. I’m currently a junior pre-law Business Management major with a minor in Environmental Geoscience. My favorite Texas cave is Deep & Punkin, and I can’t wait for all the super cool adventures we’re going to go on this year 😀

Phone: (512) 800-9021 | Email:

NSS Number: 71998

Caleb Crubaugh


Class of 2025 Biological and Agricultural Engineering

NSS #: 71278, Member of Bluegrass Grotto, Aggie Grotto, and TCMA

Howdy! I started caving 4 years ago in my hometown of Somerset, Kentucky and have been obsessed with it since. Since then, I have been on more than 80 trips; 41 of which I either led or co-led. I’ve caved in 10 different geographical regions and have spent 35 hours volunteering in survey trips and cave digs. As quartermaster, I manage our caving equipment. I make sure the gear we’re using is safe, clean, and up to date. Above ground I climb, run, and hike, but my primary hobbies are all underground. I’m excited for my next semester with Aggie Grotto and can’t wait to introduce more people to caving and the culture that surrounds it!

Phone: (606) 485-9541 | Email:

Josephine Shaw

Safety Officer

Class of 2024, Industrial Engineering 

NSS #72444, TSA Member

Hiya, Josie here! Finding the Aggie Speleological Society a little over a year ago changed my life. I’ve found a lifelong passion, incredible friends, and amazing opportunities through this organization. As your Safety Officer, I am honored to contribute my time to keeping our grotto well-trained and properly prepared for the adventures ahead. ASS is truly one-of-a-kind, and I can’t wait to continue making memories together. 

T’s and G’s!

Phone: (830) 998-9921 | Email:

Luke Anderson


Class of 2025, Mechatronics

Howdy, my name is Luke Anderson, I have been caving for 2 years now.  Outside of caving I’m super interested in climbing and mountain biking.  I also absolutely love hiking and camping, which is what got me into caving.  In engineering I am a huge robotics nerd, I have built multiple robots for fun.  I’m also a part of a few engineering orgs outside of ASS.  My favorite Cave is Tumbling Rock in Alabama. I am looking forward to doing my part as webmaster to make the website even better.  I also hope that I can help you guys love caving as much as I do.

Phone: (214) 632-0202 | Email:

Paige Hudson

Social Media Officer

Class of 2024, Psychology, Ecology and Conservation Biology

Howdy! I’m Paige, and I am so excited to be Aggie Speleological Societys ‘23-’24 social media officer. I had always wanted to experience caving but never knew anyone who shared the same desire, so unfortunately it was never an interest I had the opportunity to explore, that was until I joined ASS in spring of ‘23. I can easily say I have loved every moment since, and my only regret is not joining sooner! ASS has offered so many incredible, unique, and unforgettable experiences with equally incredible, and unique people. I especially appreciate my time with ASS because I believe experiencing nature is equally as important as protecting it. Conservation is a topic I not only hold close to my heart, but share at every possible opportunity. I am so lucky to be a part of an organization that not only shares this ideology but partakes in active conservation and restoration efforts. I hope every new member also finds a part of themselves in our caving community. Outside of caving I enjoy my time on the surface surfing, hiking, camping, reading, doing crafts, or spending time with my dog.

Phone: (979) 676-4377 | Email:


Charlene Chirper ’09 – ????????

Hi! I’m Charlene the Cave Cricket! Keep an eye out for me underground.