Get to know your 2022-2023 officers a little more here! We have each of them listed with a few facts they’d like to share about themselves.

Luke Fuka ’23 – President

Howdy! My name is Luke Fuka and I am a senior Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Student. One of my favorite caves I’ve been to is Tumbling Rock Cave in Alabama. In addition to caving I also love to climb and barbecue, and you can always count me in for any outdoor activity!

Phone: (512) 825-2628 | Email:

Tristan Barron ’24 – Vice President

Hello!! My name is Tristan and I am the Vice President of A.S.S. I have been caving for about six years, and I hope to keep doing it for much longer! I am a junior Food Science & Technologies major, so I am an amazing cook 🙂 My favorite cave is definitely Deep, out in West Texas!

Phone: (512) 810-6380 | Email:

Jenna Crabtree ‘23 – Secretary

Howdy! I’m a senior from Jenks, Oklahoma pursuing a double Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Renewable Natural Resources. My hobbies include caving, trail running, hiking, crocheting, and spending time with my gnarly friends and rad family! My love of caves began at 10 years old when I visited my first cave and national park, Carlsbad Caverns. Since then I’ve been captivated by speleothems, karst topography, and bats!

Phone: (979) 777-5618 | Email:

NSS Number: 71683

Izzy Petersen ’24 – Treasurer

Howdy cavers! My name is Izzy Petersen and this is my second year as A.S.S. Treasurer. I’m currently a junior pre-law Business Management major with a minor in Environmental Geoscience. My favorite Texas cave is Deep & Punkin, and I can’t wait for all the super cool adventures we’re going to go on this year 😀

Phone: (512) 800-9021 | Email:

NSS Number: 71998

Jakob Denton ’24 – Quartermaster

Howdy! My name is Jakob Denton and I am majoring in Rangeland wildlife and fisheries. My favorite cave is Tumbling Rock. I think caves are pretty cool and want to do an undergrad research project on cave soil contamination.

Phone: (361) 815-6400 | Email:

Evan Bowen ’23 – Safety Officer

Howdy y’all! I’m a current senior majoring in Geology. I love hiking, camping, peaking Colorado fourteeners, caving, and baking. My favorite cave is Tumbling Rock Cave.

Phone: (830) 660-9571 | Email:

NSS Number: 71579

Will Flack ’24 – Webmaster

Howdy! My name is Will Flack, also known as Squilliam, and I am a super senior majoring in Civil/Environmental Engineering and Wildlife and Fisheries Science. I love caving, hiking, camping, and any outdoors activity. My favorite cave is Blue Springs in Tennessee.

Phone: (281) 904-6707 | Email:

NSS Number: 72119

Caleb Crubaugh ’25 – Social Media Officer

Howdy! My name is Caleb Crubaugh and I am a sophomore majoring in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. My favorite cave is Mount Suswa Cave N18 in Kaijado County, Kenya.

Phone: (606) 485-9541 | Email:


Charlene Chirper ’09 – ????????

Hi! I’m Charlene the Cave Cricket! Keep an eye out for me underground.