Get to know your 2021-2022 officers a little more here! We have each of them listed with a few facts they’d like to share about themselves.

Hudson Nobles ‘?? – President


Patrick Quinn ‘?? – Vice President


Izzy Petersen ‘?? – Treasurer


Ria Roy ‘?? – Safety Officer


Madison Pate ‘?? – Editor in Chief


Tristan Barron ‘?? – Quartermaster

Peepee poopoo

Catherine Brown ‘23 – Secretary

Geology major from Shiner, Texas

I grew up on a big ranch so I like being outdoors and around animals. I also love to sleep but do it at the most inconvenient of times since I am nocturnal. Please let me go feral like I was meant to be.

Michael Forgione ’22 – Webmaster

Howdy folks! I’m a senior Entomology major (I look at bugs for a living) and also your Web-master! (Get it?) I’ve been caving since I was 16, and I have actually gotten to name one cave that I helped discover. If you have a picture of an insect that you would like me to identify, bring it to a meeting or hit me up on the GroupMe!


Charlene Chirper ’09 – ????????

Hi! I’m Charlene the Cave Cricket! Keep an eye out for me underground.