GEORGE “JORDJ” BALDWIN ’19 – President


I am a junior Economics major from North Branford, Connecticut. I enjoy camping, getting lost in the desert, and I will find a way to shower anywhere.




I am junior Aerospace Engineering major composed of memes on the subatomic level, and capable of climbing a rope with my own latent buoyancy.


BRITTEN “UK” HANEY ’18 – Web Master


I’m a senior Nuclear Engineering major and Radiological Health Engineering minor with no knack for self-description.


BETHANY BEAGO ’18 – Safety Officer



I’m a senior US BIMS major with minors in Entomology and Psychology. I’ve been in the club for three years and I love caving, camping, hiking and geocaching.




I am a junior Allied Health major from Lewisville, Texas and this will be my third semester in the club. My spirit animal is a doughnaught and I love seeing sun rays filter through the entrance of a cave.



CLAYTON ROWDEN ’20 – Secretary


I am a sophomore Geology major beginning my third semester in the club. My favorite part of caving is when everyone turns their lights off and goes silent; it feels like the vacuum of space.


EDDY WONG ’19 – Editor in Chief


eddy ass website pic.jpg

I am a junior Ocean Engineering major from Mesa, Arizona and this will be my third semester in the club. My non-caving related passions include writing novels I will never publish, spreading the belief that In N Out is better than Whataburger, and playing the guitar.


SCOTT VONBORSTEL ’18- Quartermaster


I am a senior mechanical engineering major from Houston, Texas. This will be my second semester in the club, and I love doing basically anything outdoors including camping, caving, and climbing.