Get to know your 2019-2019 officers a little more here! We have each of them listed with a few facts they’d like to share about themselves.

Bailey Ohlson ’21 – President

Howdy! I am a Junior Geology major from Austin, Texas and this will be my third year caving with the club. I love camping, hiking, caving, cats, dogs, spending time in the outdoors, and leaving College Station as often as possible! I’m looking forward to an awesome year of caving adventures!

Nate Hejtmancik De Valenzuela ’21 – Vice President

Accounting Finance Major from Friendswood Texas. I enjoy long walks and sore feet, anything outdoors is my hobby. Stonks are my jobs oh boy do I those monies. Ask me any questions about finances or backpacking.

Matthew Minahan ’21 – Treasurer

Howdy, I am a Finance Accounting major which has nothing to do with caving at all. I’ve been caving with the grotto for about 2 years. I am the current treasurer so I’d be happy to take your money and totally not embezzle anything. I love caving and all sorts of outdoor things like the good little boy scout I am. 

Kevin McElhenny ’21 – Safety Officer

Howdy! My name is Kevin McElhenney and I am a junior Mechanical Engineering major from San Antonio. This is my second year with the club. Outside of caving, I enjoy other outdoorsy activities and selling my soul to the engineering department

Morgan Cooper ’21 – Secretary

I am a psychology major from Waxahachie, Texas and this is my 3rd year in the club. I love music and squeezing through tight spaces 😉

Ian Sullivan ’21 – Quartermaster

I am a geology major from Spring, TX and enjoy doing things in the great outdoors. Rocks are really cool and if you like rocks you probably still won’t like me but hey maybe you still want to talk to me about rocks? please?

Drew Littl ’20 – Editor in Chief

Chelsea Parada ’21 – Webmaster

I’m a junior Environmental Geoscience major from Spring, Texas. This is my third year in the club but the experiences I gained were enough for a lifetime. I’m excited for the caves we’ll explore this year! 🤟