Archived Events

Want to know what ASS has been up to? Here you can find all the events we’ve done in the past!

Fall 2018


Sep. 6th – First ASS Meeting of the semester! Be there or b^2 (O-9 Well sign-ups closed)

Sep. 9th – Whirlpool Trip (cancelled due to weather)

Sep. 13th – ASS Meeting – Topics: Gear Chat (Shoes), Bailey’s recount of New Mexico caves

Sep. 14th – ASS Glow-in-the-Dark Social

Sep. 16th – Whirlpool Trip (cancelled due to weather)

Sep. 20th – ASS Meeting – Topics: Gear Chat (Helmets), Whirlpool Info, 0-9 Well Info

Sep. 21st – ASS Ring Day Social

Sep. 22nd – Goat Cave Trip with UT Grotto (cancelled due to weather)

Sep. 23rd – Whirlpool Trip (sign-ups closed) [1st official cave of the semester]

Sep. 27th – ASS Meeting – Topics: Gear Chat (Knee Pads), Whirlpool, Rich Dig, O-9 Well

Sep. 29th – Whirlpool Trip & Start of O-9 Weekend Trip

Sep. 30th – Richard Zarria Cave Dig


Oct. 4th – ASS Meeting – Topics: TCR, Gear Chat (Pants/Shorts), O-9 Follow Up, Trip Board info, Govt. Canyon, Rich Trip Weekend Dig

Oct. 11th – ASS Meeting – Topics: TCR (Speleolympics!), Gear Chat (Sleeping Bags/Pads), Big Boy Shirts, Rich Trip, Assoween

Oct. 12th – Start of Government Canyon Service Project Weekend

Oct. 13th – Start of 2nd Richard Zarria Cave Dig Weekend (cancelled due to inclement weather)

Oct. 18th – ASS Meeting – Topics: Sexual Harassment, Speleotherms (Kahoot!), Cave Safety

Oct 18th – Start of Texas Cavers Reunion Weekend

Oct. 25th – ASS Meeting – Topics: Whirlpool, Assoween, Gearchat (Hammocks), Upcoming Trips, Deep and Punkin

Oct. 26th – Start of Deep & Punkin Cave Trip