Important Info for Cavers

So, you want to go caving.

That’s great! This page lists standard items you need to bring for the trips we plan to take

Always reference the Aggie Grotto Trip Packing Lists for things to bring for a caving trip.

And remember to read up on the NSS Guide for Responsible Caving so you know the DO’s and DON’Ts of caving

There is also a cave inventory form on this website that has a very extensive cave inventory list you might want to check out if you think you’ll be caving for a while!

Motto of Responsible Cavers:
Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but time
Please, cave softly

Aggie Grotto Cave Trip Packing List

Caving Gear (Provided By Grotto):
● Frog Vertical System
asdf○ Rack
asdf○ Cows Tails
asdf○ Hand Ascender with foot loops
asdf○ Chest Ascender
● Helmet
● 2 Battery powered headlamps

NOTE: Vertical System will only be provided if the Grotto is going to a vertical cave AND you have completed your vertical training with them.

Caving Clothes:
● Wool/Synthetic Material Preferred for:
asdf Shirt
asdf○ Pants/ shorts
asdf○ Pullover/ sweater
asdf○ Socks
● Cotton Material Preferred for:
asdf○ Outer layer of clothing to protect wool/synthetic materials from getting dirty
■ Shirts
■ Pants

NOTE: Texas caves tend to be warmer than TAG caves and have average temperatures in the 70s. This means that you will get hot in these caves, so the wool/synthetic clothing is not mandatory just recommended for colder caves.

Caving things to bring:
● Plastic Nalgene (PSA: it will get banged up a lot in cave)
asdf○ Metal water bottles aren’t allowed in cave
asdf○ Optional: Extra water bottle in case you have to use the restroom in cave
● Baby wipes/ wet wipes (to clean face/body post-cave)
● Extra batteries for headlamps
● Snacks for in cave (preferably snacks that don’t leave crumbs)
● Change of clothes for post-caving shenanigans & drive home
● Trash bag/Grocery bag for dirty caving clothes
● Optional: Pocket knife

Aggie Grotto Camping Trip Packing List

Camping Gear:
● Tent & tarp
● Sleeping bag & pad
● Pillow
● Lawn Chair

Camp Food:
● Non-perishable food to last the whole trip
● Snacks for in & out of cave
● Personal camp equipment to cook and store food with
asdf○ Ex: Camping stove, steel pots, sponge to clean
● Eating Utensils
● One gallon of water per day of camping

Other Items:
● Sunscreen
● Bug spray
● Shampoo & conditioner (if there’s showers)
● Toothbrush & toothpaste
● Wet wipes/ toilet paper
● Sunglasses
● Pajamas/ clothes to sleep in
● Clothes for post-cave
● Camp shoes (ex: Chacos or Tevas or Chanclas) & hiking shoes for in cave
● Hammock
● Portable speaker
● Pocket knife

NOTE: For Deep & Punkin Cave Trips there is a cabin with bunk beds and mattresses, so
sleeping pads aren’t necessary. The cabin has a working refrigerator and
kitchen which everyone can share, so please keep others in mind if you plan on
buying perishables that need fridge space. In addition the cabin has showers
and a bathroom close by, please be kind to the wasps and spiders they won’t
hurt you if you don’t bother them.